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Over the last few years, living through a world pandemic, witnessing many of my friends and family members having children, and becoming a parent myself in 2021 - I discovered the multitude of parenthood stories that are never openly discussed. The topics range from biological challenges of having a child, to societal expectations of having a family, governmental policies regarding our own bodies - and everything in between. One common thread of these stories, is they often remain untold and are thus considered as rare and an anomaly.  

On the contrary, these struggles are very real and common. While keeping the most personal struggles in the dark - such as a miscarriage or choosing to have an abortion - is a norm in our society, sharing information is a powerful tool that can help many. Speaking about your experience can forge a path to personal healing, and create opportunity for others going through similar challenges, to find strength in the shared experience.  

What if now, more than ever, is the time to talk? 

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